Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Giant Steps

I'll admit it. There is a major gap in yesterday's story. No, there are two. The second, a fuller account of who could play what in the outfield (I'd say Belt, Cabrera, Schierholtz until further notice), I plan on addressing sometime soon. The first, I just couldn't type. I think it's probably why I experienced a broader range of emotions over a trade than I had expected. Like denial, fear, anxiety, denial. Sanchez traded to address offense problems? Makes perfect sense. The consequences beyond Melky Cabrera? Like Barry Zito...fifth....strtr...

See? It's tough to type. So Bruce Bochy decided to clear the air. It's time, he said, to move on to acceptance:
You've got until March to get used to it. Unless [Brian] Sabean can, through some combination of blackmail and/or boozed up sentimentality, convince Brian Cashman or Ben Cherington otherwise.
No. He didn't say that. He said:
I'm not gonna hide from it: Barry Zito is our 5th starter next year.
There. Stop hiding. The denial. The fear and trembling. It's time for acceptance.

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