Monday, January 23, 2012

Ross the BOS

Dear Mark*,
If you happened to wake up with an extra spring in your step, it must be because the deal between Cody Ross and your Boston Red Sox went through. You were probably dreaming of the 2010 NLCS MVP crushing home runs in clutch games against the CC Sabathias and Justin Verlanders of the world, or even the Roy Halladays, since your team's got a few games against the Phillies in 2012--on their turf, no less.

Some of your masshole bretheren, they weren't as stoked. While you were snoozing they were already kicking up a fuss in the comments section of or the Boston Globe. Maybe I'll forgive them; they don't remember 2010 like I do. 

Consider, however, for a moment, Carl Crawford's  2011 AVG/OBP/SLG line: .255/.289/.405. We'll grant that Crawford underperformed in 2011, but note that Ross finished with a .240/.325/.405 line. You'll surely notice the second two numbers there. And he hit 6 home runs (of 14 total) in AT&T Park. That's equivalent to what, a dozen dingers at Fenway, or at least a spike in doubles since some of those long fly balls won't be landing snuggly in left-fielders' gloves. And he won't even bring that 2011 season-ending-ball-squibbling-away-in-Baltimore baggage.

Maybe I'm cherry-picking numbers. But when he crushes in the clutch against Sabathia or CJ Wilson, you'll know what I'm talking about.


Mr. Left Field Line

(*In case you're wondering, I've watched a lot of Red Sox games since I've made Mark's acquaintance. He's probably the only person I talk about the BoSox with)

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