Friday, May 25, 2012

Vogelsong v. Sanchez

Who knew, at the start of last night's game, that the Giants would win 14-7? In San Francisco, the Marlins outscored the Giants 8-5 over three games. Through the first five innings, it looked like another one of those games.

Bottom of the Second, no outs. Marlins 1-0.
Giancarlo Stanton homers. Damn. Anibal Sanchez is pitching. He's got a 0.87 ERA over his past four starts against the Giants. This could be embarrassing.

Top of the Fourth, one out. Tied 1-1.
Cabrera scores on Pagan single. If we could get one more of these elusive runs, we could win this.


Top of the Sixth, one out. Giants 5-1.
Pagan scores on Belt single. Get down! Get down! Get down! Belt finally catches a break. With the Giants' bullpen, this is like scoring 14 runs.

Top of the Ninth, no outs. Giants 14-7.
Pill grounds into double play. Joaquin Arias scores. Whoa, they really did score 14 runs. Lincecum could probably use some of this run support tomorrow.

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