Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Thousand Words on Cody Ross

How about we settle on a picture instead?*

It turns out I probably can't hate the guy unless he's wearing pinstripes or Dodger blue. We'll have to check back on this later in the real season.

In his lone at-bat today, he struck out looking against the 2012 postseason folk hero, Barry Zito. 

Damn, now I'm curious about his slash lines...let's see...
  • His career against the Giants: .253/.301/.421.
  • His career at AT&T Park: .262/.331/.417.
  • And we might not want to get too used to him striking out looking against Zito. In 18 PAs, Ross has batted .333/.389/.667 with a dinger. He's also hit a home run against Matt Cain (and the video reveals that he does the home run hop/skip against the Gigantes, too), but unless we're talking about RHPs named Roy Halladay, I'm more concerned with Ross's lefty-mashing power.

*See what I did there?

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