Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Plan

The plan is to write about the 2012 season of the San Francisco Giants. Which, I know, starts in Arizona on April 6 of next year, but it is necessary to start preparing now. Take, for instance, the Red Sox: they've already parted ways with Terry Francona, and the 2011 season is still warm (note that several GMs are probably wondering if it's too early to call him about next season already...). Admittedly, I'm not preparing in that sense, but I do have some spare time to ponder the significance of 2011 season and the preparations for next year.

In any case, the plan is to start by thinking, from a fan's perspective of course, about who the core players will be for the Giants going forward. Given that there are several positions where it is not entirely clear who will be standing there on opening day, I'll need to get on record about pressing issues such as whether I think Brandon Belt or Brett Pill should/could/will start at first (or left field, or Fresno, or...), so that I can either lord my predictions over who ever else gets in on the discussion, or, more than likely, make the table so that I can eat my words.

There's a 40 man roster and 25 spots, so I will do this in installments. I'll be warming up first with what is probably the easiest part of the equation: the starting rotation.

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