Monday, October 3, 2011

The Postseason Quandary

Given that the Giants are not contenders in this postseason, I've worked out what might be called a 'Great Lakes' World Series scenario (and what Major League Baseball's accountants probably call the 'nightmare scenario') that would keep me interested in the playoffs:

In the NLDS, the Brewers beat the Diamondbacks, and the Phillies beat the Cardinals.
In the ALDS, the Tigers beat the Yankees, and the Rays beat the Rangers. 
In the NLCS, the Brewers defeat the Phillies
And in the ALCS, the Tigers beat the Rays.
World Series: Tigers v. Brewers

In a way, the postseason quandary ("should I pay attention to the playoffs this year?") is resolved through a process of elimination. After figuring out the teams that I would root against, I discovered that I felt that I could pull for the Brewers and the Tigers. At this point, the Brewers look poised to send the D'backs packing.

But I've considered a few alternatives if the Tigers can't pull it off. While I am indifferent to the Rays, there would be some poetic justice (or is that schadenfreude?) were they to defeat the Yankees on the way to the World Series, given that the Yanks dialed in the second half of game 162 as the Rays mounted their comeback victory for the wild card.


Tao of Stieb said...

Tigers! You're a witch!

Devin Z. Shaw said...

If the Brewers make it, I'll pull for the National League...