Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lincecum Will Not Be Out-Dueled (Tonight)

Let's face it. If you tuned into this game starting with Tim Lincecum's second at bat, you probably had a better evening than those of us who watched the entire game. Sure, Anthony Bass had some sharp stuff and perfect game and all that, but you're not a Padres fan if you're here. I spent those first 5 2/3 innings trying to see how many synonyms I could think of for futile. Like useless, vain, and to no avail. All because I've probably used dismal quite often. Then Lincecum went James McDonald (remember this, because Cain won't forget) on Bass, and broke up all that nonsense.

In the end, I should have spent the time on dismal because the Giants' defense has been bleak.  Two errors tonight for a total of 25. Dreary. Disheartening. More importantly, for a while it looked as if an unearned run could have cost them the game, until Brandon Belt made up for it with a two-run double in the seventh. On the bright side, I suppose, the Padres kept pace so as not to be outdone for the most errors committed in the majors this season, with 26 total.

Let's put that aside for the moment. For tonight, Lincecum continued his return to form. Five strikeouts, but also four walks, 121 pitches. A couple of those walks and a few of those pitches are probably due to Tim Tschida's stingy strike zone. Tschida or not, Lincecum still has some work to do, although he shaved that ERA down to 5.74 (which in April is as meaningless as the Dodger's 15-6 record, but whatever).

And Brandon Belt found one of those elusive hits with runners in scoring position! As a reward for his efforts, he'll probably sit tomorrow out, since the Padres' will be starting Clayton Richard, LHP. Didn't we look at his numbers vs. LHP before? Just a reminder, though small sample size caveats apply (these are career numbers--believe it or not, he only has 4 PA this season vs LHP):

vs LHP as LHB 55 49 17 .347 .418 .510
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