Monday, April 2, 2012

Matt Cain: A Photo-Essay.

Matt Cain has signed a deal to remain a San Francisco Giant until 2017, and possibly until 2018. This deal is one of those crucial moves that management needed to make. For years they've positioned the starting rotation--especially Lincecum and Cain, and more recently Bumgarner--as the core of the Giants team. With this deal, they are one step closer to making that a long-term possibility.

More importantly, Giants fans will not have to listen to the concern-trolling of other teams, shedding crocodile tears that the Giants won't be able to keep Lincecum and Cain together, forever. With Cain's contract as the floor, maybe the Giants can't (or maybe Lincecum ends up a shareholder before it's all over). But that's not a problem for the next two years. 

As for now, see these uniforms?

They're fancy, but Matt Cain will not be wearing them. And, look at these guys...

...they're stoked about something, but not because they've found a  co-ace to share the mound with CC Sabathia. See this park? Lots of much that the Red Sox rebuilt it in Florida...

...but Matt Cain will not be pitching their regularly anytime soon, so his ERA won't inflate to John Lackey size proportions. And this guy: maybe Matt Cain wants to meet him...

...but if he comes knocking it won't be a midnight rendez-vous for Dodger blue.


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