Saturday, June 23, 2012

Giants Pick Up Lincecum

Aside from their 3-1 record against the Athletics, interleague play has been mostly disappointing for the Giants, and especially Giants fans. Fortunately, the only interleague games that remain are against the A's. Tonight, Madison Bumgarner takes on Tyler Ross, and tomorrow, Matt Cain faces Brandon McCarthy.

But last night, at least at first, was about Tim Lincecum. His season remains baffling. He gives up three straight hits, walks Cespedes, there's that odd fielder's choice, and with a walk to Inge, it's 3-0 Oakland. No outs.

The A's had won eight of their last nine games. Hell, they swept the Dodgers. Tim Lincecum's on the mound, and that hasn't been a comforting thought this season. And then he strikes out the next three batters. And that was pretty much all the A's accomplished until Josh Reddick hit a home run to center in the bottom of the ninth.

And the only reason the game reached the bottom of the ninth is because the Giants unexpectedly scored four runs in the top half of the inning. They haven't exactly been putting together ninth inning come from behind victories very frequently this season. How about once: Angel Pagan's game winning home run in Cincinnati on April 26th.

If you watched the whole game, you felt like you deserved it. Yet there's not much to take from this game, except that the Dodgers lost in Anaheim. Giants are three back.

Has Lincecum turned his season around? Who knows. 

Something, Giants offense, something, something? Yeah, me neither.

Whatever it is, keep beating the A's.

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