Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Mariners Throw No Hitter Against the Dodgers

Tonight was the first time that the Giants were shutout this season. You knew it was going to happen, I knew it was going to happen, maybe even the Giants knew, after the first few innings, that it was bound to happen. The lineup, as you know, lacked Melky Cabrera, Buster Posey, (Brandon Belt,) and Pablo Sandoval. Not that the rest of the guys are too shabby...but--

Oh, look at that, the Mariners just threw a combined no hitter against the Dodgers. See, things could be worse. The Mariners could have done that to the Giants. Instead, tonight they offer consolation for our ennui. Be sure to send thank you cards to Kevin Millwood (who pitched the first six innings, but was pulled due to an injury), Charles Furbush, Stephen Pryor, Lucas Luetge, Brandon League, and Tom Wilhemsen. Or, perhaps, save those cards until after June 17th, to avoid some kind of cognitive dissonance if they happen to embarrass the Giants.

Now, where was I? The Giants, of course. Well, before tonight's game, the talk was that we wouldn't see Pablo Sandoval until Tuesday. After nine innings of the Giants providing live infield drills, management has decided to end his rehab stint. To make room for the Panda, Brett Pill has been optioned back to Fresno. You'd think that this would open some space for Brandon Belt, even against lefties, but the Giants don't want to clear up too much confusion just yet:

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